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Who is Bikes Welcome?

We are a charitable trust who want to get more kiwis using their bikes everyday and everywhere.

Everyday bike-use is riding to the shops, to work, to meet with friends, to an appointment.

It’s not so much about riding every day, but more about

making riding an everyday activity…. Just like brushing your teeth.

Our future plans include developing an income stream so we can be sustainably self-funding.  In order to get up and running we are relying on donations and grants.

We’ve put together a bunch of information to help funders see who we are, what we do, and why.  Click on each tab below to find out more.

We want to show that bikes mean business, that bike users are customers and show that everyday people ride bikes, that is possible and normal.

We think this will help grow everyday biking it two ways.

  • Firstly it will encourage people to try taking short local trips by bike (the power of suggestion, the idea that if someone else can, I could too).
  • That flows onto the second tier of benefits: building social license for biking (normalising it, and seeing people on bikes, as people, not cyclists), which may make it easier to have fruitful conversations about supporting and funding biking infrastructure.

We are big on bike parking.  We figure good bike parking supports bikes and supports biking.  It helps make biking visible, normal and encouraged.

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At present, in New Zealand, there is no easy way to request bike parking, no programs to encourage bike friendly businesses, and no single source of information about and advocacy for bike parking.   We intend to change that.  We will help businesses, bike-users, councils and bike parking suppliers to connect; we’ll make it easier; and we’ll actively address the quality issues around bike parking.

Initially we are focused on visitor/customer bike parking – because most people start their biking with short trips.  Later we will look at employee and tourist focused programs.

We’ll create a website, and design and print stickers and ‘invitations’ so that businesses that support bike use will be able to display a Bikes Welcome logo and be listed in a searchable online directory.  There are successful examples of this approach being used overseas.

Read more about the Bikes Welcome Way

Our future plans include developing an income stream so we can be sustainably self-funding.  In order to get up and running we are relying on donations and grants.

The benefits of bike use are significant including:

  • health benefits,
  • reduced congestion and emissions,
  • social/community/economic benefits,
  • benefits to local authorities

And business benefit too.

Some of the ways Bikes Welcome benefits the community:

  • Behaviour Change: encourages more people to cycle everyday by making it easier, obvious and more attractive.  When they see a parked bike or ‘BikesWelcome’ sticker and think ‘hey, I could cycle here’
  • Engagement, connection, conversations: individuals – businesses – councils.
  • Supportive of those already using bikes for everyday transport
  • Bike users can find and support businesses that encourage active transport
  • Helps demonstrate their support for bike use in a wider context.  Subtly helps balance out the vocal minority who oppose cycle infrastructure projects.
  • Improve access to quality bike parking and make it easier to ask for
  • More cost effective and land use effective than providing car parking
  • Complements strategies to implement: traffic calming, increased physical activity, local business development, place-making.

Consider the Alternatives To Bikes Welcome:

  • Badly parked bikes (health and safety)
  • Annoyed businesses (business obstruction, property damage)
  • Untapped market of potential bike users and customers
  • Turned off participants (nowhere to park their bike = obstacle/objection to riding)
  • Big consultant’s fees to research design bike parking strategies (when we could just ask people for what they want!)
    Increased bike theft
  • Local groups ‘reinventing the wheel’ as they try and develop a bike parking and business focused advocacy strategy.

Why should we support you?

The Bikes Welcome model is proven (overseas) and cost-effective.  It is a practical way to support cycling at a local level, and grow social support for biking.  Not only does it encourage targeted provision of bike parking, it also helps bike users ‘identify’ themselves as customers, so their value and spending power becomes visible and recognised.

In less than a year, Jo Clendon has taken Bikes Welcome from ‘good idea’ to a well thought out model with plenty of willing and enthusiastic supporters just waiting to roll it out.   With years of professional expertise and a huge drive and passion for getting people on bikes, Jo Clendon is the person to make it happen.  We’ve run a successful Pledge Me campaign, as well as securing some grant and donation funding; and this will fund our design, printing and web hosting costs.

We have plans and goals as to how we can become financially self-sustaining in future, once we get over the start-up hill.

Please help fund us. We can provide budgets, plans, you name it. Let us know what you need so that you can feel confident to put your money behind our vision. Together let’s make it happen.


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Relationships and networks

BikesWelcome is continually working to engage the support of individuals and organisations to develop a network of supporters who can communicate, promote and participate in the implementation of the BikesWelcome model.  Including:

CAN (Cyclists Action Network) Conscious Consumer Generation Zero
Sustainable Business Network Christchurch City Council Wellington City Council
Hutt City Council Bike Auckland Auckland Transport
SPOKE Christchurch Hutt Cycle Network Private Businesses
Cycle Aware Wellington Facebook FollowersBlog / Website Followers NZTA
Pure Advantage Wellington Community Trust Transition Towns Lower Hutt

See which companies supported our Pledge Me campaign

Proudly supported by:

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The Bikes Welcome Way

This is what we do and how we do it.  We call it the 'Bikes Welcome Way'.





What is great bike-parking?

Great bike parking gets used.  Poor bike parking can damage bikes and will be avoided.  


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