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Our Vision

Great bike parking everywhere: encouraging more people to ride to more places.

Our Mission

Growing everyday cycling by helping businesses recognise, value and support their bike using customers

We support biking

We help bike-users find and support the businesses who support biking.

We help businesses

We help businesses recognise, value and support their bike-using customers.

We help bike-users

We help bike-users to say “yes, I bike” and ask (nicely!) for bike parking.

We make it easier

Great bike parking supports bikes and biking.  We can make it easier for you to get great bike parking.

Why biking and why Bikes Welcome?

Health Benefits of Cycling

Regular bike use is great for people, health, business, communities and the environment.

Almost anyone can ride a bike: and it is the third most popular form of active recreation in NZ, encompassing all sections of society.

We believe that change is possible.

Everyday cycling can become popular and normal with the right kind of support.

That means safe places to ride and a supportive environment that fosters and encourages change.  It’s about hearts as well as hardware.

Bikes Welcome are helping grow everyday biking by:

  • Encouraging bike use by normalising it and providing facilities for bike users such as bike parking.  
  • Showing that ‘bikes mean business’, and ask businesses to show their support.  
  • Saying “yes! I bike” or “yes, I support biking”.  By requesting a business to become a Bikes Welcome Business, or by displaying the Bikes Welcome logo you show that cycling is something you value.

We aim to grow everyday bike use.

We want to make everyday bike use easier, more attractive and ‘normal’.

We can help do this by helping bike-users get great bike parking where they need it, and by facilitating positive and fruitful conversations between business, councils and individuals.

This means encouraging and enabling businesses and councils to recognise, value and provide for bike-users.

Because bike-users:

  • Are choosing to cycle to everyday places and demonstrating that it can be done.
  • Need a safe and accessible spot to park our bikes at all kinds of everyday destination, and
  • When we cycle to work we want a place for our bike, our gear, and if possible shower and locker facilities.

The Bikes Welcome Way

The Bikes Welcome Way is about showing that everyday people ride bikes and spend money; and that bike parking is one way to encourage that.

It’s about making everyday biking visible, normal and encouraged.

Everyday biking

Making Everyday Biking Normal

Bikes Welcome’s focus is on everyday biking because everyone starts somewhere.

It’s about making riding a normal everyday activity: just like brushing your teeth.

And just like good oral hygiene, regular bike use is great for our health; as well as for business, communities and the environment.

That’s why we mostly talk about bike-users, and not ‘cyclists’….. using a toothbrush each day doesn’t make me a tooth-brushest!

What is everyday biking?

Everyday biking

Bikes Welcome want more kiwis using their bikes everyday and everywhere… riding to the shops, on errands, to meet with friends, to an appointment.

Read more about everyday biking.

Why everyday biking?
  • Riding short distances to the shops or cafe are a great way to start biking more.  It helps build the confidence and experience  needed to even consider biking to work.
  • Overseas it is common place for people to ride in everyday clothes for everyday purposes.
  • Seeing people biking for everyday purposes shows that a different way of doing things is possible and it doesn’t have to mean wearing lycra or other special gear.

The Story Behind Bikes Welcome

Jo Clendon started Bikes Welcome because she loved getting around by bike, but was pretty frustrated and disappointed with the state of everyday cycling in New Zealand.
Frustrated with a lack of bike parking, and
Disappointed that most businesses and councils see cycling as something you do on the weekend wearing lycra.
So she decided that she wanted to do something to:
  1. Make everyday cycling more normal and popular
  2. Improve the availability of quality bike parking – everywhere!

Why bike parking?

Inadequate bike parking is frustrating, it contributes to bike theft and it leaves bike-users feeling like second class citizens.
And it is a missed opportunity to ‘market’ everyday biking.

What is great bike parking?

Great bike parking is handy, safe, responsible and practical.

  • Handy: close to our destination, preferably at the door.
  • Safe: visible, non-damaging to our bikes or other property, doesn’t create an obstacle or pedestrian hazard.
  • Responsible: doesn’t impede access to or visibility of businesses or organisations.
  • Practical: Accessible and easy to use.

We can help you learn what makes great bike parking and how to get it.

Making it easier to ask for bike parking

We want to make it easier to ask for bike parking, so we are helping bike users to do just that.

And we are helping businesses and councils with understanding and responding to those requests.

Find out more about how bike users can take action to get great bike parking.

Our Goals

What we want to achieve.

Read about our 10 goals and our plan of how to get there.

Our Team

Meet our board members.

We have our certificate of incorporation as a trust board from the Companies Office and are registered as a charity (Registration Number is CC53620).

Why bike parking?

It is

subliminal marketing


everyday cycling.

It is normalising.

It is simple.

What people have to say about Bikes Welcome

Getting more people cycling is a priority for the Government and the Bikes Welcome Initiative looks to be a great way to support cycling at a local level. This would be complementary to the work the NZTA is doing in our towns and cities in partnership with local councils.

Hon. Simon Bridges

Minister of Transport

The idea of having a postcard to present to businesses is a good one. It is certainly something CAN would be able to help with, by sharing info & resources to members round the country

Will Andrews

Former Chairman, Cycle Advocates Network (CAN)

Having easily accessible and visible bike parking will help grow the culture of cycling. And that is good for everyone. It decreases the number of cars on the road, reduces pollution and carbon emissions, and increases well being.

Niki Harré

Associate Dean of Sustainability, School of Psychology, Faculty of Science, University of Auckland

Love the mission of Bikes Welcome!

Rachel Brown

CEO, Sustainable Business Network

Everyone is on-board with the idea of more bike parking!


Revolve, Wellington's Womens Cycling Network

Awesome idea! I always wish there were better parks around town 🙂

Ben Gleisner

Founder, Concious Consumer

Bikes Welcome is an initiative that truly embodies the meaning of resilience.   In a time when every sector of society is being called upon to reduce carbon emissions and fight obesity any encouragement to create a biking culture is a fundamental necessity.

Juanita McKenzie

Chairperson, Transition Towns Lower Hutt

The ways we help

Bikes Welcome for Bike-users

Bikes are a great way to get around.

We can help you:

Encourage your favourite businesses to become bike-friendly.

Get local information about bike parking and biking.

Establish or connect with Bikes Welcome in your town.

Bikes Welcome for local authorities

Bike parking shows your support for everyday biking.

We can help you:

Engage with your bike-users.  Find out where they want bike-parking and make it easier for them to ask for it in a way that works for you.

Choose good bike parking.  Information and resources to help you choose bike parking that works for everyone.

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Win Bike Parking

We are running a competition giving businesses a chance to win some bike parking.  To find out more head over to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/bikeswelcome/  

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