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Let’s make everyday biking easier, more attractive and ‘normal’.

The Bikes Welcome Way is about:

Making Everyday Biking Normal

We are changing the perceptions of biking.

Many people associate cycling with lycra, weekends and speed.

We help businesses to recognise that their customers do ride bikes, and not just in the mountain bike park or Sunday morning pelotons.

Making Everyday Biking More Attractive

Bikes mean business.

We show that biking benefits business, and bike parking attracts bike-users.

Making Everyday Biking Easier

Better bike parking.

We make it easier: easier to say “yes, I bike”, easier to ask for, find and implement bike parking.

The Bikes Welcome Way:

Invite your favourite business

To find out more about about becoming a ‘Bikes Welcome Business


Businesses visit

To learn how bikes mean business and sign-up to become a Bikes Welcome Business.

Find and support businesses who support biking

A searchable on-line directory of Bikes Welcome Businesses.

This is how it works:

You are a bike user and you have a favourite cafe that doesn’t have good bike parking, so you hand them a postcard*, which explains the business benefits of cycling customers and providing bike parking; with links to further information, and inviting them to join as a ‘bikes welcome’ business.

*we’ll have an electronic version for people who ‘travel light’.

You’re a business and you’ve learned the value of cycling customers.  You’ve used the info provided by bikes welcome to arrange bike parking for your customers and now you proudly display the bikes welcome logo and are listed in our directory.

You are cycling to a new spot and you want to find a cycle friendly cafe to meet up at, you hop onto the bikes welcome website and do a search of our online directory.

Action for Bike Users

Invite businesses and request bike parking.

Help for Businesses

How and why to make your business bike friendly.

Bikes Welcome Business Directory

Find and support businesses who support biking.

Learn more

Bike parking plants the seed. It says you could.... you can.... bike here

Why Bike Parking?

As well as providing a safe and practical place to leave your bike, bike parking helps sell cycling.

The benefits of biking

Read more about the benefits of biking for people, our communities and our planet.

Everyday Biking

Everyday biking, utility cycling, transport cycling…. what is it and why is it so great?

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