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Why bike parking?

Lots of work is being done on where to ride…

But what do I do with my bike when I get there????

It became an obsession of mine.  I go around taking photos of bike parking: the good, the bad and the stealthy.

Bike parking is subliminal marketing for everyday cycling.

It is normalising.

It is simple.

Selling Cycling

Marketers like McDonalds seek to get their brand everywhere: saturation marketing.

Isn’t a bike, either used or parked, great marketing for everyday cycling?


When I see a bike, (or even a bike rack): outside a shop, cafe, library or school; it sends me the message: “hey, I could cycle here!”

But…. good bike parking can be hard to find.

And it often gets overlooked during development…..

Right now it is hard to do something about it: Who do you ask, and how do you get them to understand that biking is just another transport mode and bike parking matters?

So back to doing something about it….

Someone should really do something…..

 And so began Bikes Welcome

So here’s the idea: Let’s make it really easy for people to advocate for bike parking.
…. And make it something you can do in a couple of minutes.

It’s 2 minute advocacy and it’s called ‘Bikes Welcome’

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The Bikes Welcome Way

This is what we do and how we do it.  We call it the ‘Bikes Welcome Way’.

What is great bike-parking?

Great bike parking gets used.  Poor bike parking can damage bikes and will be avoided.  Bike parking can also be attractive, artistic and support local identity and branding objectives.

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