Bikes Welcome have teamed up with the School of Industrial Design at Massey University to see if we can come up with an improved bike parking design.  There are some great designs out there, and there are also some really bad ones.  Installation cost is a real barrier, as in-ground installation can cost twice as much as the rack.  Changes in bike-use and design, along with the growing e-bike trend are all factors to be considered too.  Based on that we thought it made a great project for a creative kiwi to get stuck into.  Meet the woman for the job: Eleanor Pepperell.

Ele is a fourth year Industrial Design student at Massey University Wellington. Here’s what Ele has to say about her project:

“My particular areas of interest are in sustainability and user centred design. Alongside my academic work I am also an avid cyclist and cycle instructor.

For my fourth year project I am looking to increase the number of people who use their bike to commute by improving cycle parking in the wellington region. Adequate Bike parking gives commuters a secure place to lock their bikes in a convenient location. Good bike parking also promotes cycle commuting, good bike parking says you can do this. Whereas bad bike parking puts up an obstacle to potential cyclists.

E-bikes help to overcome Wellington conditions and make cycling to work an option for many people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to. However, E-bikes have different requirements than push bikes and many racks in Wellington do not provide adequate storage.

Therefore better cycle parking that is e-bike friendly would enable more people to commute by bicycle, giving people more sustainable transport options, improving traffic flow and enable people to get where they need to go more efficiently.”

If you’d like to share your thoughts on bike parking with Ele, you can contact her by emailing and we’ll pass on your message.

Better bike parking by design.

No stranger to the bike, Ele coaches, races, and works in a bike shop. Now she is designing better bike parking.

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