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In less than 18 months Bikes Welcome has gone from idea to reality. It has been hard slog, fuelled by crowd-funding, determination and lots of encouragement and support from you. So definitely about Love!

We are now up and running as a go-to source of inspiration, encouragement and information for bike friendly business and bike parking. Read on to find out how we are already making a difference, and what we’ve accomplished so far and what we have planned.

What's been achieved

Here are some of the highlights from the last 18 months: Our new website and online directory of Bikes Welcome Businesses went live in September 2017. We’ve commenced distributing invitation postcards to businesses and individuals encouraging them to become/invite Bikes Welcome Businesses. We’ve been talking to businesses, councils, individuals, cycling groups, academics, media, suppliers, manufacturers and anyone else who will listen about the importance of bike parking and the role and potential of everyday biking. We got bike parking standards and minimums into the Transport chapter of Hutt City Councils District plan for any site with a usage change. This is a great improvement on what was originally proposed and took tenacity and effort to achieve. It will become a reference for other councils (alongside Auckland and Christchurch’s district plans) Our advice and information on bike parking is being actively sought and used (whether attributed or not, who cares really!) to improve the quality and supply of bike parking both publicly and privately). Some of the organisations we’ve worked with (or are starting to work with) include Wellington Hospital, Hutt City Council, Wellington City Council and Callaghan Innovation. We ran a successful Pledge Me campaign, getting the idea of Bikes Welcome out there and some seed funding which covered design and printing costs. Together with Film for Change Aotearoa and Wellington City Council’s Communities on Bikes Fund we’ve made a film about the benefits to business of supporting biking. It will be launched in March. We’ve teamed up with Wellington’s Aotearoa Bike Challenge team on the ‘Bike up your business’ challenge to encourage and celebrate pro-biking employers.

What's next

Bikes Welcome took an extended siesta over December – January when I took a well deserved break, and now it’s Bike Month and full steam ahead. The focus for 2018 will be on getting lots of businesses signed up as Bikes Welcome businesses both locally and nationally. We will be recruiting local champions so we can have as much reach and positive impact as possible. Because at the end of the day, it is all about helping businesses see that their customers ride bikes and that happens via friendly local conversations between people. Here’s the plan: Set up some Bikes Welcome Business Districts in Wellington (funded via Wellington City Council’s Communities on Bikes Fund). Launch and distribute our bike friendly business short film Recruit Bikes Welcome Champions, and develop a national network of people who want to encourage bike friendly businesses locally. Sign up more Bikes Welcome Businesses, send them their stickers and celebrate them. Determine where to next for Bikes Welcome, ideas include employer certification, and more. Refine and strengthen the Bikes Welcome model so it is a toolkit anybody can make use of to make a difference locally. Lots and lots of collaboration, as this one person band wants company!

Love Cycling Awards

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