Bike Parking Design Variants

Examples of design variations which meet the key requirements for good bike parking.

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Artistic Designs

This closed form design is asthetically pleasing but

The challenge with artistic designs is for users to know whether they are bike parking. This design provides some clues.

Functionally Asthetic

Rounded edges, a closed form and good support and locking points make this a good alternative

Planter Bike rack.

Other Options

The ‘lollipop’ design has rounded edges, appropriate height, and stainless material. While wider racks are better, this simple design is permissible in dedicated bike parking areas. Not appropriate adjacent to through zones (refer PPDG, page no.) becausebecuase it lacks a cane tapping element and therefore is a hazard to the visually impaired pedestrian

Although it should be wider, this laser cut design meets some of the key requirements.

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