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Your bike is another way to get around.

And when you get there, you need bike parking.  We can help you find bike friendly businesses and get bike parking.

Get Bike Parking

We can help you to:

Encourage Bike Friendly Businesses

Your favourite business can become a ‘Bikes Welcome Business’.  We can help them:

  • understand the business benefits of being bike-friendly
  • arrange bike parking

Connect with your council

When you need bike parking in a public place we can help you ask your council for bike parking.

We may also have information about their bike parking policies and processes.

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Everyday Cycling

Using bikes for everyday errands and transport is on-trend and growing.  Find out more.

The benefits of biking

Read more about the benefits of biking for people, our communities, our planet and the economy.

The Bikes Welcome Way

The ‘how’, ‘why’, and ‘what’ of Bikes Welcome.


We welcome your tax deductible donation which can be made via give-a-little or by contacting us.   Find out how your donation will help.

Bike-user tools & resources

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Taxing Truths – NZ analysis from the AA of who pays for roads (hint: everyone), see page 42 – Don’t be fooled by common myths about cycling – use these explanations to help spread the truth!

Everyday Cycling in Aotearoa New Zealand – the book by Alastair Smith

Cycling resources from the NZ Transport Agency

Also check out your local bike advocacy group and your local authority.

And from our blog:

Top Down: Bike Parking and District Plans for how to make a submission on bike parking to your council.

Yes, I bike – Making everyday biking visible

Read the latest bike-user posts from our blog

Cycle Security – Protect your bike

Having your bike stolen is a horrible experience. Reduce the risk of having your bike stolen with our 6 step bicycle security checklist.

10 Ways to Make Biking Better in Your Town

How can you make biking better in your town? There are many ways, and some of them can be fun.

Let’s talk about Bikelash

What do we know about Bikelash and how can councils and advocates use that that knowledge to be more successful at getting better biking infrastructure and more people on bikes?

Can the Bicycle Save the World – World Bicycle Day June 3 2018

Can bikes save us?
So you want to help end poverty, increase equality, protect the environment and make our cities safer, all while improving your own health and finances? You can do all these – and more – all at the same time by simply riding a bike or being supportive of those that do.

Change is Hard

Change is hard. Cycling infrastructure creates changes which impact people. Sometimes they worry it will be a bad impact and sometimes we see Bikelash. Speakers at the 2017 Asia Pacific Cycle Congress had some advice on managing change, people and relationships.

Biking’s Return on Investment

City planners may focus on biking as a way to reduce traffic but the whole range of benefits include significant opportunities for health, communities and the environment. The benefits of investing in cycling add up to a compelling economic case for biking infrastructure and investment.

Need Bike Lanes?

Your local cycle advocacy group works with council to encourage them to build infrastructure that supports biking in your area.  Even if you are new to biking, they’d love to hear from you.

Nationally, the Cycle Action Network (CAN) supports local groups and works nationally with government, industry and the general public to advocate for safer cycling in New Zealand.  Please join CAN and support their valuable work.

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