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We can help you ask for – and get – great bike parking.

We make it easier for you to say ‘yes, I bike’ and have friendly conversations about bike parking.

Whether it is asking your favourite coffee shop for bike parking, or talking with council about their bike parking policies, we can help.

We want to make it easier to ask for – and get – great bike parking.  And we do it by providing you with the tools, resources and support to help make it happen.

It’s about working together


You can be an ambassador for everyday biking.  All you need is a smile and a few helpful tools from us.

Talk to Business

We can help you have a chat with favourite businesses and let them know you are a cycling customer and would love bike parking.  We’ve got postcards you can give them which invite them to find out more about the business benefits of biking.

Work with your council

We can help you work out the right way to make a request of your local council for bike parking in public spaces or at council facilities.

Tips for talking to business

  • Be friendly
  • Ask nicely, don't demand
  • Consider openings like: 'have you noticed....', 'have you considered....'
  • Position yourself as a customer first, bike-user second
  • 'Sell’ bike use as an opportunity to attract more customers to their business
  • Be Persistent… and patient.  Sometimes you'll need to ask more than once.
  • Love-bombing is also an option (where you and your cycling friends all make friendly requests and suggestions, and show how much you love their business).

For more ideas like these see the blog post 'Yes! I Bike'

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Working with your council

Connect with your council

When you want bike parking in a public place we can help you request it from your council.

We are talking with councils about their bike parking policies and procedures.  That way we can help you successfully ask for bike parking, and ensure that quality bike parking is something they think about, plan for and do.

Tips for working with council

  • Work the system – councils usually have computerised systems for receiving and monitoring requests.  By getting your request into the system it will be monitored and tracked.
  • Join forces with your local advocacy group.
  • Celebrate success: thank & encourage council staff, think about some positive media coverage including social media.
  • Be Persistent… and patient.  Sometimes you’ll need to ask more than once.
  • Bulk requests are an option.  Work with your fellow bike-users to identify all the places around town where you’d like to see bike parking.  Mark them on a map (either paper or a Google map layer) and provide it to council.  This might be just what they need to justify a program for installing bike parking in your town.
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