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Local champions help make Bikes Welcome happen in their area.

Here are some tools to help you.

Getting Started:

It is great that you are keen to be Bikes Welcome Champions for your town.  Here’s more info on that: and below is our toolkit where you’ll find some resources.
It’s early days for Bikes Welcome, so I’m still developing the model and resources – so check back often or get an RSS Feed of this page (if you are technically inclined).  However the point of Bikes Welcome is  that it is about people: people who bike and people who run businesses, and helping them have friendly conversations that lead to better support for biking and more people on bikes.
One of the early steps is to set up a Bikes Welcome page for your area.  Here is an example of what has been done for Palmerston North.

In order to set it up, I’ll need someone at the council to fill out this questionnaire  which provides some of the key information we need for the page, as well as providing a good idea of councils approach to Bike Parking and how supportive they will be.  Could you please ask your contact at council to complete this, or give me their details and I can follow up directly.  Here is background info for the council person to look at to find out what Bikes Welcome is about from a Local Authority perspective.

Joining up local businesses:

Encouraging local businesses to become Bikes Welcome Businesses is a key part of being a Bikes Welcome Champion.  That is best done by visiting businesses and having a friendly conversation.  Using the ‘invitation postcard’ is a good way to leave them with some information about Bikes Welcome and makes a good talking point.  I can send you some printed invitations, use the button below or give me a call or email to request some.  Don’t forget your postal address including postcode.

Before you approach a business you’ll need to understand how Bikes Welcome Businesses work, the optional cost to the business and what they need to qualify as a Bikes Welcome Business.  You will find all that information here: Becoming a Bikes Welcome Business.

When a business wants to join, you could give them the option of creating their own listing by going to or you could offer to create a listing for them (the assisted listing process).

A business may need help with bike parking.  So familiarise yourself with your councils process for requesting bike parking and the bike parking advice on this website.

For more information on how and why to talk to businesses check out Action for Bike Users.

Request printed invitations

Be sent some postcard invitations which you can hand out.

Assisted Listing Process

The assisted listing process means you can create a listing on behalf of a business, and then help them to ‘claim’ it.

There are two steps: creating the listing and claiming the listing.  You do the first and the business does the second.

Claiming the listing gives the business control over it, so they can add details, renew the listing, etc.

Assisted Listing Process

Google document with Instructions on how to create a business listing on behalf of a business.

Add it to your google drive so you can see any updates that are made to it.

Assisted Listing Business Email

Google document explaining the email you send to businesses who you have created a listing for on-line.

Add it to your google drive so you can see any updates that are made to it.

Printable Resources

Supporter Sign Up Sheet

Sign up people who want invitation postcards or more information

How it Works Poster

Sized to print A3 but can be scaled down to A4.

White background.

Print at Home invitation cards

double sided 4 per page

Bikes Welcome Business District 'Newsletter'

Newsletter style leaflet about Bikes Welcome Business Districts

Business Sign Up Form

Assisted Sign Up process – you do the data entry for them.


Tips to be added
Tips and FAQ for local champions will be added here.
How to create a google map of bike parking locations

It is fairly easy to create a google map with bike parking locations.  You can choose to map current bike parking locations, desired bike parking locations, planned locations or all of the above.

Ingredients: You will need either the addresses/locations of bike parking, or photos of the bike parking.

Method: It is best explained by watching this YouTube Video.  It shows you how to create maps, add locations, and share your maps.

You will want to use different layers and different pin colours to signify different types of parking, whether it exists or is requested or planned.

Here is an example of a map I created for Newtown.  You will see I’ve used different layers for planned vs existing bike parking, and also different markers or icons for different types of parking.

Notes on using photos:

Your photos will need to have location embedded in the photo, this is usually automatic with modern digital cameras and phones unless you’ve deliberately turned it off for privacy reasons..  If using photos they will need to be in a google photos album.  This is a good way of collaborating with others: you can all snap photos and add them to a shared album.  It makes your map look pretty snazzy too.

Your Friendly Local:

When you are known to the business as a regular customer it is a bit easier to start the conversation.  Here are some ideas of things you could mention:

  • I’ve noticed a few of your customers bike here …
  • I’ve noticed the bikes out front ….
  • I usually come here by bike….
  • It’s so cool how you support biking by xxxxx, why don’t you list your business on this website.
  • One of the reasons I like coming here is xxxxx – let’s let everyone know!
  • IT’S FREE and they’ll promote your business.
  • It’s a way to let people know how bike friendly you are and get more customers.
  • They’ll send you a sticker to display on your window/door.

A bit of encouragement

When a business doesn’t have great bike parking they might just need some encouragement.  Here’s how you could approach it:

  • Let them know you are a customer and you bike there.  And you’ve noticed other people do to.
  • Propose bike parking as an opportunity to attract more customers to bike to their business, and a way to keep their staff and customers safe.
  • Let them know help is available to them.
  • Finish on a positive note: how great it is to see how many customers ride bikes and how much they’ll love having someplace safe to park their bikes.

Updating a Bike Parking Location Map

How to put requests for bike parking onto a map – links up the bike parking request for on the local page with GoogleSheets and Google Maps.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!

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