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We want to help your business become bike friendly and let bike users know all about it, so they can support the businesses who support biking.

Why Welcome Bikes?

Benefits for your business

  • More people are choosing bikes for transport as well as recreation.
  • They may look like any other customer – not all bike-users wear lycra.
  • Learn how your business benefits when you make it attractive and accessible to bike-users.

Bike parking for business

  • Great bike parking attracts bike-using customers to your business.
  • It helps ensure the safety of your customers and staff by helping ensure bikes are correctly and safely parked.
  • We can help you get bike parking at your business or on nearby public space.

What do businesses have to say?




We welcome everyone here. Cycles take up less parking space, and cause no air or noise pollution. We're a destination venue, on a beautiful road. Cyclists seem to often arrive at off-peak times, and because they're burning their own energy they need food and drink to re-fuel and re-hydrate. They're an important part of our clientele.

Angus Onslow-Osborne

Days Bay Pavillion, Eastbourne, NZ

There's really no downside to it.... your business.... if you want more customers, this is how you get more customers...[on being bike friendly]

Jesse McCann

Apex Bar, Portland, USA

We are in the game of hospitality, it’s simply about being hospitable to every one, be it you bike, you drive or you walk; you have a place with us.

Bink Bowler

Black & White Coffee Cartel, Christchurch

Being bike friendly is an easy step to more business

Travel Oregon

Pedal power used Pick up tacos on the fly Boquita backs bikes

Lucas Putnam

La Boca Loca, Wellington, New Zealand

I think it's important for everyone to feel welcome in your business. Giving them the olive branch and saying you're welcome here, you are opening yourself up to a whole new element of people who will come and enjoy your business and become loyal customers

Brian Steelman

Por Que No, Portland

I think they'll spend more than typically you would expect, because a lot of people this is their passion and .... you'll spend more money on your passion than your obligations.

Chris Frick

Friendly Bike Guest House, Portland

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