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Great bike parking attracts bike-using customers to your business.

It helps ensure the safety of your customers and staff by helping ensure bikes are correctly and safely parked.

When you provide bike parking for your customers, you are sending a clear message that you welcome bike-users to your business.  However if your bike-parking is done badly the message gets distorted.  Like any job, it is worth doing it right in order to get the best results: more satisfied customers for your business.

Bike Parking Guidelines

We’ll help you get it right

Whether you have your own site or need help to request public bike parking, we can help.  Visitors to your business have different needs to staff, whose bikes are parked longer, and who need other end-of-trip facilities. The quality and usefulness of your bike-parking will be determined by its




Read on to find out more about what makes great bike parking and how we can help you do it.

Find out more:

Good bike parking basics

Do it once and do it right.  Learn how to avoid common mistakes and choose bike parking your customers love to use.


Getting great bike parking

Bikes welcome can help you design and implement your bike parking.  We can connect you with reputable suppliers and provide you advice on your requirements.


What is a wheel-bender?

Some types of bike parking can damage bikes and will be actively avoided by bike-users.


The right spot

The correct location and positioning of your bike parking is another key to success.


Bike parking for your project

Building, moving premises or refurbishing is a great time to make your business bike friendly with great bike parking.

Connect with your council

Sometimes you don’t have your own space for bike parking.   We can help you request public bike parking nearby.

The business case for bike parking

We can help you build a business case for your bike parking strategy or project with examples and research.

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