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Building or refurbishing your premises?

Now is the time to plan and implement great bike parking.

Getting it right up front is cheaper and easier than trying to fix it later.  It will add to the amenity of your premises and you’ll be supporting healthier, greener and less congested communities.

We can help with:




We can also help you promote your proactive choice in installing bike parking upfront, so that everyone knows you’ve made a great choice in making bike-users welcome at your business.

Please contact us to talk about how we can help.

*We are not architects or engineers.  You will still need to work with the appropriate professionals to ensure the best result for your premises and compliance to any local planning requirements, etc.

“Do it once and do it right”

Ways we can help:

Good bike parking basics

Do it once and do it right.  Learn how to avoid common mistakes and choose bike parking your customers love to use.


Getting great bike parking

Bikes welcome can help you design and implement your bike parking.  We can connect you with reputable suppliers and provide you advice on your requirements.


Connect with your council

Sometimes you don’t have your own space for bike parking.   We can help you request public bike parking nearby.

The business case for bike parking

We can help you build a business case for your bike parking strategy or project with examples and research.

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