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Great bike parking supports bikes and biking.

We can help you work out your options.

Installing bike parking is a great choice to make.  If you need help with your bike parking choices then please contact us.

Here you’ll find a list of potential suppliers and further bike-parking resources.

Bike Parking Guidelines

New Zealand Bike Parking Suppliers

Warning - Don't buy a Wheelbender!

Some of these suppliers have cheaper racks available that can damage bikes.  Find out more about what makes good bike parking and what a ‘wheelbender‘ is.

Tips for choosing bike parking
  • Consider the cost of installation.  Concreted in stands can cost a lot to install.  Bolt-down can be a much cheaper option.
  • Security: ensure tamper proof fittings are used to secure any bolt-down stands or hoops.
  • Consider total cost of ownership including how durable the surface is.
  • For tips and advice see: bike parking basics.

Cycle Solutions - Christchurch

Bike parking, bike lockers, bike share and workplace cycling set up. Also supply bike repair stands and pumps, consultancy services and event bike parking.

Metal Art - Lower Hutt

Ready made and custom designs.

Also an agent for Re-plas recycled plastic products.

Five at Heart

Australian based supplier, now operating in New Zealand with innovative bicycle parking, bicycle storage and locker solutions.

FiveAtHeart offer a complete design, supply and installation service.  They will help you with every step of the project and ensure you get a solution that works well for you and your bike users.

Bike Parking NZ

Agents for SecuraBike, CAM NZ provide a range of bike parking and end of trip facility products, showcased on their website.

AE Tilley - Nationwide

New Zealand supplier of ‘Cyclehoop’ products including pole mounted hoops and innovative planter box racks.


Metal Craft - Christchurch

Design and manufacture.

Supplier of bike racks for Christchurch City Council.

Bike Parking for Small Businesses

A guide to the options available for small business bike parking on your own site. (PDF 4.1 MB)

“Do it once and do it right”

Ways we can help:

What is great bike-parking?

Great bike parking gets used.  Poor bike parking can damage bikes and will be avoided. 

Bike parking for your project

Building, moving premises or refurbishing is a great time to make your business bike friendly with great bike parking.

Connect with your council

Sometimes you don’t have your own space for bike parking.   We can help you request public bike parking nearby.

The business case for bike parking

We can help you build a business case for your bike parking strategy or project with examples and research.

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