Bike Parking Designs to Avoid

These common designs do not meet all the basic requirements for good bike parking.
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Bike parking attracts bike-using customers to your business.

You can expand your customer base and improve employee satisfaction by providing good quality bike parking.  We can help you build a business case for installing bike parking at your business.

Become a Bikes Welcome business

8 Reasons to install great bike parking

On trend

Bike use is growing as more people choose to use bikes for everyday trips.  Shopping by bike is increasingly popular as more people choose e-bikes and city bikes.  Growing numbers of bike commuters want to be able to stop and shop on the way home from work. 

Competitve Edge

Bike-users shop where they can safely and securely park their bike.  Make that your competitive advantage.

Community engagement

Bike-users are your local customers.  By providing bike parking you support your community in their choice to improve their health, reduce their emissions and reduce congestion.

Cultivate your image

Show your support for responsible, healthy transport choices by demonstrating that you are leading the way in encouraging active transport.

Healthier and more productive employees

Studies show that people who bike to work are healthier and more productive.  And the fewer staff who drive, the more parking there is available to your driving customers.

Increase parking capacity at little cost

Bikes take up less space than cars.  This gives you a great return on investment per square metre of parking space.  A Melbourne study showed a parking spot generated $27 per hour in sales, where as 6 bikes parked in the same spot would generate $97 per hour.  New Zealand studies indicate bike-users spend roughly the same per trip as car-users, but they return more often.

Social responsibility

If social and environmental responsibility are among your business goals then you are already looking for ways to support your community and environment.  Encouraging staff and customers to arrive by bike is a great way to do both.

New Customers

Attract tourists and visitors to your business.  Bike tourism is a growing sector, and you can make your business stand out to biking visitors by being the one who provides great bike parking.  And those bike racks out the front will attract locals to visit you too.

The business benefits of biking

Read more about the business benefits of biking.

Rather watch a video?

San Diego “Bikes Mean Business”

Bikes Mean Business: Bike Friendly Business Districts from Michael Lowe on Vimeo.

Oregon “Bike Friendly Business Program”

Find out more:

Good bike parking basics

Do it once and do it right.  Learn how to avoid common mistakes and choose bike parking your customers love to use.


What is a wheel-bender?

Some types of bike parking can damage bikes and will be actively avoided by bike-users.


The right spot

The correct location and positioning of your bike parking is another key to success.


Connect with your council

Sometimes you don’t have your own space for bike parking.   We can help you request public bike parking nearby.

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