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Please see below for other ways you can let your customers know you are Bike Friendly.

Ways to be a bike friendly business

Step 1: Provide good bike parking

5 Keys to good bike parking
  • Support the frame, not just the wheels
  • Securely installed and enables secure locking
  • Convenient and accessable
  • Safe for all users and bikes
  • Looks and works like bike parking

Learn more about the basics of good bike parking.

Step 2: Add optional welcoming extras

Optional Extras
  • Bike locks available for loan
  • Place to fill up water bottles
  • Willing to host special events for bike users
  • Offer discounts or incentives for bike users
  • Promote bike use on your website and social media e.g. under ‘how to find us’
  • Pump and tools available to borrow
  • Incentives for employees who ride their bicycles
  • Bike use information available for customers and staff (e.g. posters, maps, local advocacy group and event information, etc)
  • Use merchant bikes for conducting business or running errands
  • Actively support the provision of bike lanes (lobbying, submissions, etc)
  • Actively support your local bike share scheme and/or advocacy group
  • Include bike under ‘how to get here’ options on your website or business listings.

Find out more ways to be bike-friendly

Find out more:

What is great bike-parking?

Great bike parking gets used.  Poor bike parking can damage bikes and will be avoided. 

Bike Friendly Business

Find out how you can make your business bike friendly for customers and staff, and use bikes in your operations.


The business case for bike parking

We can help you build a business case for your bike parking strategy or project with examples and research.

The business benefits of biking

Your business benefits when you make it attractive and accessible to bike-users:  Read more about the business benefits of biking.

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