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Help your bike-using customers find and support you.

We can help you support biking and attract more bike-users to your business.


What do I get?

When you are registered as a Bikes Welcome Business you’ll:

  • Receive a Bikes Welcome Business sticker to display at your business
  • Be able to use the Bikes Welcome business logo on your website, etc
  • Be listed in our online directory and map of Bikes Welcome businesses (under development)
  • Get a shout out in our social media and news
We will help bike using customers find you, support you and recommend you.

3 steps to become a Bikes Welcome Business

Step 1: Provide good bike parking

5 Keys to good bike parking
  • Support the frame, not just the wheels
  • Securely installed and enables secure locking
  • Convenient and accessable
  • Safe for all users and bikes
  • Looks and works like bike parking

Learn more about the basics of good bike parking.

Step 2: Add two or more extras

Optional Extras (choose 2)
  • Bike locks available for loan
  • Place to fill up water bottles
  • Willing to host special events for bike users
  • Offer discounts or incentives for bike users
  • Promote bike use on your website and social media e.g. under ‘how to find us’
  • Pump and tools available to borrow
  • Incentives for employees who ride their bicycles
  • Bike use information available for customers and staff (e.g. posters, maps, Bikes Welcome materials, etc)
  • Use merchant bikes for conducting business or running errands
  • Actively support the provision of bike lanes (lobbying, submissions, etc)
  • Actively support your local bike share scheme and/or advocacy group
  • Form a ‘BikesWelcome’ business district with local businesses

Find out more ways to be bike-friendly

Step 3: Let us know – Apply to be a  Bikes Welcome Business

Complete our on-line form

The button above takes you to a form where you apply to become a Bikes Welcome Business.  We will ask you for your contact details, as well as a few questions about what makes you a Bikes Welcome Business.  You’ll have the opportunity to include a photo of your business or bike parking, as well as any discounts or incentives you wish to offer.


What happens after I submit my application
  1. You will receive an email confirmation that you have submitted a listing for the Bikes Welcome Business Directory.
  2. You'll also receive log-in details for our site and a link where you can set your own password.
  3. If you chose a paid listing, then can either pay via Paypal or we'll email you our bank details.
  4. We will be notified of your application and we'll review it.
  5. We will get in touch if we have any questions, usually by email.  We might ask you for a photo of your bike parking.
  6. Once we've approved your listing we will let you know and we will post out a sticker for your window, wall or counter.
  7. Once approved your listing will appear in our Bikes Welcome Business Directory.
How long does it take?

Usually accreditation should only take 10 working days, but it depends if any follow up is required.

What if I am having problems with my bike parking?

If you are having problems with bike parking for your business please let us know and we'll see if we can help.  Sometimes it is about creative workarounds, like providing bike locks for loan to your customers if the bike parking is not within sight of your business.  Other times we may be able to provide you with a provisional registration whilst you sort out your bike parking challenges by upgrading your bike parking or working with council.

What does it cost?

Nothing.  For a limited time we are offering your first years listing free as a way to get businesses on-board.  We are a charitable trust and we welcome your tax deductible donations.  Find out how to donate here.

We are also giving you the opportunity to support us and promote your business via some paid listing options.

Can I update my listing?

If you made the listing (or if it has been is assigned to you) then you will be able to log-in and access our member zone.  You can view, edit and update your listing in the directory dashboard (log-in required).

Can I submit a listing on someone else's behalf?

We prefer businesses to make their own listings, so they have access to edit, upgrade and renew it.

If you want to encourage or invite a business to find out about being a Bikes Welcome Business, that is a separate process, listed under our 'Bike User' section.


Someone else created my business listing, how can I get control of it?

Just get in touch with us and we will help you out.

What is the directory dashboard and how do I use it?

The directory dashboard is where you can see details of listings you own.  You can also see your orders and bookmarks.  You need to be logged in to use it, and you can log-in via our member zone.

If you listed a business, but cannot see it on your dashboard it may be because the ownership hasn't been assigned to you yet, or has been assigned to someone else.  Please contact us if you need help or have questions.

The kinds of things you can see in the directory dashboard include:

  • A link to your listing(s) (where you can edit details)
  • When they are due to expire
  • How many times they've been viewed

The gear icon beside each listing also allows you to:

  • View, renew or upgrade your listing
  • See the status of your orders
How do I renew an expired listing?
  1. Go to the directory dashboard is where you can see details of listings you own. 
  2. Click on the gear icon beside the listing and choose the renew option.
  3. Select your listing type and payment options, and submit.

Once we've processed your order you will have access to edit / upgrade your listing.


If you need help, or have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.

Optional Upgrades

Once your business is listed you may choose to upgrade your listing.

Upgrades include: additional photos, customer reviews, featured/promoted listings.

You can upgrade your listing by logging in, going to your Directory Dashboard (log-in required), and clicking the gear icon to the right of your listing.

Find out more:

What is great bike-parking?

Great bike parking gets used.  Poor bike parking can damage bikes and will be avoided. 

Bike Friendly Business

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The business case for bike parking

We can help you build a business case for your bike parking strategy or project with examples and research.

The business benefits of biking

Your business benefits when you make it attractive and accessible to bike-users:  Read more about the business benefits of biking.

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