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Whatever Happened To Bikes Welcome

You may have noticed it has been very quiet on the Bikes Welcome front for a while now.  The short story is that I ran out of steam. Burnout.   Here is the longer story, the lessons learned along the way, and some questions about what happens next....

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Working Together for Better Bike Parking

Biking in New Zealand is getting better all the time, with safer routes and more people biking. People in Auckland are working together for better bike parking, so that bikes have to have a safe home whilst we are busy in the shops, offices and cafes; or using public transport. Here are some bike parking lessons from Auckland.

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Win Bike Parking

We are running a competition giving businesses a chance to win some bike parking.  To find out more head over to our Facebook page:  

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Bike Parking in District Plans

District plans are like the rule book for private developers and council planning officers. By getting end of trip facilities like bike parking in district plans, you can help ensure that people who cycle will be encouraged by great bike parking for customers and employees, as well as showers and lockers for employees who run or cycle to or during work. Here’s some help on what to ask for and how to ask for it.

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Change is Hard

Change is hard. Cycling infrastructure creates changes which impact people. Sometimes they worry it will be a bad impact and sometimes we see Bikelash. Speakers at the 2017 Asia Pacific Cycle Congress had some advice on managing change, people and relationships.

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Better Bike Parking By Design

Bikes Welcome have teamed up with the School of Industrial Design at Massey University to see if we can come up with an improved bike parking design.  There are some great designs out there, and there are also some really bad ones.  Installation cost is a real...

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Life Is Not a Drive Through

Is convenience the be-all and end-all when it comes to consumer decisions? Those arguing the vital importance of bike parking to retailers and business operators would have us believe that convenience is all that matters. But for 'loyal and local customers' there is...

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Me too! Positive Peer Pressure

To help make biking the new norm, we also want more businesses to chose to be bike friendly. To get there we need to create momentum, a critical mass of businesses that influence and assure other businesses that this is a good choice to make. Find out how easy it is for you to help make it happen.

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