Albert's Post

911a New North Road, Mount Albert, Auckland, New Zealand
911a New North Road Auckland Auckland 1025 NZ

Nestled in the heart of Mt Albert village, beside the train station, Albert’s Post is a cosy and modern eatery, open for small bites, dinner and drinks (and lunch on Saturday and Sunday).

Real people, real food and good local produce and drinks are what we deal in – so we can offer you the best of our fine land.

We cater to littler people with special kid’s menus and a playroom to entertain.

We are right next to the Mt Albert train station and bus stops and have ample bike parking on site.


Great Bike Parking
Clearly visible from business main entrance (without crossing a road), Supports frame not just the wheel (no wheel benders), Securely attached to the ground or other immovable object, Kept clear for bike use
How many bikes can be parked at your business?
5 or more
Who provides the bike parking?
Provided by our business on our site
Welcoming Extras
Place to fill up water bottles, Willing to host special events for bike-users, Offer discounts or incentives for bike-users, Bike use information available for customers and staff (e.g. posters, maps, Bikes Welcome materials, etc), Actively support the provision of cycling infrastructure (e.g. bike lanes)
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Discount or incentive details (optional)
10% d[…]
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