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1 Dallas Street, Christchurch, New Zealand
1 Dallas Street Christchurch Canterbury 8041 NZ

Dr Malcolm McKellar understands how precious sight is. A skilled surgeon, he takes time to understand your needs, communicates clearly
and uses cutting edge technologies. He’s also the only person in New Zealand trained as both an optometrist and ophthalmologist.

He specialises in diseases that affect the external surface and front part of the eye. This includes conditions such as cataract,
refractive error, corneal disease, pterygium, allergic and viral conjunctivitis, tumours of the conjunctiva and iris, blepharitis and dry eye.

Dr McKellar performs LASIK, cataract and corneal transplant surgery, implants toric, multifocal and phakic IOLs
and removes pterygia and eye tumours.

Most patients are referred by their optometrist, general practitioner or other eye specialist,
and he has clinics in Riccarton, Ferrymead, Rangiora, Hokitika and Queenstown.

Great Bike Parking
Separate bike parking for visitors and staff, Clearly visible from business main entrance (without crossing a road), Supports frame not just the wheel (no wheel benders), Can lock to it with either a d-lock or cable lock, Securely attached to the ground or other immovable object, Kept clear for bike use
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Place to fill up water bottles, Promote bike use on their website and asocial media, e.g. under 'how to find us', Actively support the provision of cycling infrastructure (e.g. bike lanes)
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2 Riccarton Avenue, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, New Zealand 2.49 km

Located in the foyer at the main entrance to Christchurch Hospital, Unichem Parkside Pharmacy is your pharmacy for outpatient and discharge prescriptions, over the counter medicines and natural health products. Unichem Parkside Pharmacy stocks a good range of first aid items, small gifts and beauty products.

2 Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch Central, Christchurch, New Zealand 2.64 km

Antigua Boatsheds built in 1882 is one of Christchurch’s iconic buildings and businesses

The cafe is open seven days 07.00 until 5.00pm

Boat and Bike hire open 09.00 until 5.00pm


Papanui Road, Merivale, Christchurch, New Zealand 3.01 km

We are a European butchery who makes there own small goods but also makes healthy take way meals including desserts. you can get in our store from antipasto  platter to dessert and anything else you like to cook or eat. we also do party service.

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