Great workplace bike parking is a cause for celebration.  Whether your have fought hard for it for years, or are able to just take it for granted, it is one of those things that we don’t miss until it is gone.  So let’s celebrate it and protect it.

Don’t have bike parking at your workplace?  Read on for some commiseration and suggestions, and use the comments to share your experiences.

Bikes gathered together in hope of finding some decent bike parking.

How can I get Bike Parking at my workplace?

Who to ask:

Often the hardest part is figuring out who to ask.  If you are part of a bigger organisation you could try talking directly to facilities management, or engage with your Human Resources organisation.  They can then work with the building owners (if applicable).  You may want to help them put together a business case of the health and productivity benefits of biking to work.   Check out SPARC’s cycle friendly employer guide

If you are part of a smaller organisation then you may need to approach the landlord or tackle the challenge yourself.


Options to Explore

Workplace bike parking options depend on your space, budget and creativity.  Consider the following range of solutions:

  • Using old shipping pallets to make racks to install around your desk areas.
  • Go all out with gear drying facilities, lockers, and a repair station.  Some companies supply towels too.
  • Bikes can be hung from specially designed hooks and racks, but that does make it harder for users with less upper body strength or ebike users.
  • If you don’t have any outdoor or car-parking space available consider using a under-utilised space within your office.

Spark Interactive solved their Wellington Office’s bike parking needs by making some space in their office for bikes.  Bringing bikes inside can be a good solution if the right provisions are made, like stable racks and covering off health and safety needs.  Photo’s courtesy of Warren Sue.

Public Bike Parking

Bike parking in public space is another option – some railway stations have lockers available to rent, and other cities are exploring public bike-parking hubs in central locations.  Contact your local council to find out what is available and planned.

These photos of Christchurch’s Transport Centre show their excellent undercover bike parking.

A range of bike parking options cater for different bikes and different users.  Not everybody can manage loading a bike onto multi-level racks, but clear instructions make it easier for those who are able.

Hang it?

Bike parking that involves lifting your bike, such as wall hooks or multi-level racks has been a popular way to maximise space.  However it doesn’t work for all users, or all bikes (consider heavier electric bikes, or longer cargo bikes).  If you choose to provide hanging bike parking, make sure you also provide other options as well.

Workplace Bike Parking Checklist

  • Security is key.  Some bikes cost a pretty penny and the user won’t want them in the darkest, remotest corner of the basement carpark.
  • Don’t forget other end of trip considerations like showers, hair-dryers, lockers with hanging space, a place to dry towels and wet gear, etc.
  • Get the health and safety right too so bikes aren’t a topple or trip hazard for other users.
  • Provide for a range of bike shapes, sizes and types by providing different types of rack and adequate spacing between them.
  • Consider charging facilities for electric bikes.

We can help:

Building, moving premises or refurbishing is a great time to make your business bike friendly with great bike parking.  We we can help with suggestions and suppliers information.

Go all out and celebrate your workplace bike-parking with this sign.  Available on-order from Bikes Welcome.  Just get in touch if you are keen.

Do you have bike parking at your workplace?

Leave a comment or send us a photo and whether you think it is a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘thumbs down’ example of what is possible.

An open plan office provides bike parking behind a partition.  Note: wall hooks aren’t suitable for all users or all bikes, so other solutions are needed too.

An unutilised space has been ‘appropriated’ by staff disappointed at the lack of bike parking provision in their workplace.


Remember Bike Parking for your customers & visitors too!


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