In the USA Saris Parking design and manufacture  bike parking solutions.  They ‘eat their own dog food’ by creating an internal culture of cycle commuting and utilising their own products to provide end of trip facilities.  Read their story to find out how they did, including a great infographic detailing their accomplishment and the benefits realised:

Leading by Example…..

In 2010,Saris initiated their own Commuter Incentive Program to encourage their employees to ride to work. Their goal was to get 20% of their workforce to ride to work at least 20% of the time. In 2 years, they saw a 300% increase in active participation of their employees, burning over 4.4 million calories and riding over 100,000 miles.

Because of the increase in ridership Saris employees have gained a protective benefit by riding ~8 miles 2-4 times per week: Through this increase in exercise via cycling, they have a 33% less chance of dying than those who are inactive.

(Found from the HEAT for Cycling tool (Health Economic Assessment Tool) created by the World Health Organization)


Check out the Saris story here.

What examples can you share of New Zealand employers encouraging their employees to cycle?  How big a role to end of trip facilities (bike parking, showers etc) play?

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