Do you lead or follow?

Are you a proud individual or do you prefer to run with the pack?

Thankfully it takes all kinds of us to make up this world.  However our nature as humans means we are influenced by the choices others make and the ‘norms’ around us.  Just as we want biking to be the new norm, we also want more businesses to chose to be bike friendly.  To get there we need to create momentum, a critical mass of businesses that influence and assure other businesses that this is a good choice to make.

That’s why we need YOUR HELP to get the first Bikes Welcome Businesses signed up.  Having more businesses in our online directory will help assure other businesses that becoming a Bikes Welcome Business is a good thing to do.

But what do I say?

Your Friendly Local:

When you are known to the business as a regular customer it is a bit easier to start the conversation.  Here are some ideas of things you could mention:

  • I’ve noticed a few of your customers bike here …
  • I’ve noticed the bikes out front ….
  • I usually come here by bike….
  • It’s so cool how you support biking by xxxxx, why don’t you list your business on this website.
  • One of the reasons I like coming here is xxxxx – let’s let everyone know!
  • IT’S FREE and they’ll promote your business.
  • It’s a way to let people know how bike friendly you are and get more customers.
  • They’ll send you a sticker to display on your window/door.

A bit of encouragement

When a business doesn’t have great bike parking they might just need some encouragement.  Here’s how you could approach it:

  • Let them know you are a customer and you bike there.  And you’ve noticed other people do to.
  • Propose bike parking as an opportunity to attract more customers to bike to their business, and a way to keep their staff and customers safe.
  • Let them know help is available to them.
  • Finish on a positive note: how great it is to see how many customers ride bikes and how much they’ll love having someplace safe to park their bikes.

Can you think of a few favourite businesses you could invite?

Request printed invitations

Be sent some postcard invitations which you can hand out.

Print your own

You can also download and print your own double sided A5 invitation postcards.

Tips for talking to business

  • Be friendly
  • Ask nicely, don’t demand
  • Consider openings like: ‘have you noticed….’, ‘have you considered….’
  • Position yourself as a customer first, bike-user second
  • ‘Sell’ bike use as an opportunity to attract more customers to their business
  • Be Persistent… and patient.  Sometimes you’ll need to ask more than once.
  • Love-bombing is also an option (where you and your cycling friends all make friendly requests and suggestions, and show how much you love their business).

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