Success models from overseas: proven solution to problem:

Models similar to BikesWelcome, focused on bike parking and bike friendly businesses, have been successful used overseas.  Here are some examples:

Winnipeg’s Bike Friendly Business Network

A bike friendly business is one that openly supports and promotes cycling by offering services to cyclists. In Winnipeg, the goal of the program is to promote cycling as a healthy, responsible mode of transportation and raise the image of the Downtown and Exchange Districts as inviting and bike-friendly destinations, all the while supporting businesses in the area with new patronage and increased customer loyalty. Find out more here.


Columbus Public Health Bike Friendly Business Program

Columbus Public Health promote active commuting, which means encouraging more employees to bike or walk when commuting to work, going to lunch, and traveling to meetings. With assistance from Columbus Public Health, businesses can become more bicycle friendly, and even receive national “Bike Friendly Business” recognition.  Find out more here.


Other USA Examples

New York’s Transportation Alternative’s Bike Friendly Business program highlights New York City’s most bicycle-friendly businesses.  Bike Friendly Businesses are helping to encourage New York City’s fastest growing form of transportation: bicycling. Why? Local business owners know that bicycling supports a thriving network of small businesses on a neighborhood scale. Traffic calmed streets that prioritize walking and biking and include public plazas have proven to boost local retail sales by 10-25 percent. Bicycling is more than just an enjoyable transportation choice—it’s good for business!


Rochester’s Bicycle Friendly Business District program seeks to:

  • Enhance the “bike local” and “shop local” connection
  • Promote district business development, community building, and physical activity
  • Increase parking availability for visitors and residents who cannot ride a bicycle
  • Complement complete streets objectives, traffic calming, and neighborhood development in Rochester
  • Determine program structure and elements for broader citywide program
  • Improve a business district’s bicycle friendliness through bicycle infrastructure and local business promotions to bicyclists
  • Encourage and promote local trips by bicycle, especially for shopping, dining, and recreation
  • The benefits they offer to businesses can be seen at:


Long Beach have “Bike Friendly Saturdays” whereby Bike users get discounts and deals from participating businesses.



So as you can see, although I thought I was inventing something new, the BikesWelcome concept isn’t new.   But that’s good right? Because it means that we know that it works.

 And of course when we do it here in NZ, we’ll do it the kiwi way and make it even better!

Join us to help make it happen:

Please help us establish Bikes Welcome in New Zealand and support our Pledge Me campaign.


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