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Councils and other local authorities can help provide bike parking in public places.

We work with local councils and related organisations to help facilitate good bike parking in public places, as well as good policy.

Our council pages make it easier for you to:

  • Request bike parking in public places
  • Find you local council’s policies and processes for bike parking
  • Visit your local council’s cycling webpage
  • Connect with your local bike-user group
  • Find local organisations who support everyday biking

To find your local Bike Friendly Businesses, check out our:

Connect with your council:

My council is not listed
We are working to roll out Bikes Welcome throughout New Zealand.  If you council is not listed it means we haven’t got to your town yet. Here are some suggestions of what you could do:

Approach your local council to request bike parking in public spaces or at council facilities.  Using their online ‘report a problem’, ‘feedback’ or ‘question’ forms work well, as these requests are usually tracked.

Approach your local advocacy group for ideas and suggestions, or better yet, join them.

Contact us and get involved with bringing Bikes Welcome to your town.

Are you a council?

Complete our short questionnaire about your bike parking policy and processes.

We will then use that information to create a page for your local area.

Learn more about how Bikes Welcome works with Local Authorities.

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Become a Bikes Welcome Local Champion

Would you like Bikes Welcome rolled out in your town?  You could help make that happen.

Find out more about becoming a Bikes Welcome Local Champion.

Action for Bike Users

We can help you ask for – and get – great bike parking.
We make it easier for you to say ‘yes, I bike’ and have friendly conversations about bike parking.

The Bikes Welcome Way

This is what we do and how we do it.  We call it the 'Bikes Welcome Way'.

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