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Connect with your council – Bike Parking in Auckland

We are keen to help you get better Bike Parking in Auckland and connect with all the biking goodness going on in the city of sails.  You can use this page to find out about Bike Parking in Auckland, request bike parking or connect with some of the local groups and resources in the Auckland bike scene.

Auckland Transport (AT)

Auckland Transport’s Cycling and Walking website provides information about where to bike, safety, what is happening, as well as courses, events and bike parking in Auckland.

Requesting Bike Parking

Requesting Bike Parking – The Process

Bikes Welcome are working with Auckland Transport (AT) and Bike Auckland to make it easier to request Bike Parking in Auckland:

You can use the form on this page to submit your request.  Requests are collated and provided to AT”s Walking & Cycling team.

They will work with you to identify where best to install bicycle parking, and what type it needs to be.


Read more About AT's Process
AT has a small budget available to responding to these requests for installing bicycle parking. AT’s focus is to install bicycle parking stands at town centres, public transport facilities and community facilities within the AT road reserve (this is the bit from one private boundary across the road all the way to the opposite private boundry and includes the road, verge, curb and footpath). When reviewing in situ the requests, AT consider the following factors like space constraints, conflicts with underground utility services, user demand, pedestrian clearway and clearances from other street furniture and fixed objects to identify where to install bicycle parking. While AT try to conduct in situ surveys as promptly as possible, the process can sometimes take several months. Many factors influence if and when a bicycle stand can be installed, so the date and time of installation cannot be guaranteed.
We are collecting  bike parking requests so we can let Auckland Transport know where bike parking is needed.
You probably won’t get it straight away, but the request data will help justify a budget for bike parking, and then requests can be prioritised and actioned.
Are you on a mobile device?

This form may not work that well for you – and I’m sorry that is the case.   If you are finding it tricky or don’t have time to mess around, then please submit your request from a different device.

Request by phone
Call the AT Customer Service Centre 09 355 3553
Use the feedback form on the AT Website.

Or use our Bike Parking Request form

Request Locations:

The map below gives you an idea of the locations already being requested.  Make your request and we will add it to the map (note it is not updated real-time).  You can use the usual Google Maps functionality of zoom, click etc to view the map, and can open it in full screen too.


Meet your Local Bikes Welcome Champion:



Matt Cole

Matt Cole

Bikes Welcome Auckland Local Champion

Hi, my name is Matt Cole and am based in Auckland.   The excellent work of the local bike groups, local bike shops and the local authority (AT) is transforming our city for cycling.  A Bike Friendly Business initiative under the Bikes Welcome banner compliments these efforts very well, the only missing components have been the information needed to launch the Auckland page and local support, both now in place.  It will be great to see more residences and businesses across Auckland being a successful part of the future of cycling in the area.  Given the many benefits to health, finance, happiness and so on, making progress on better cycling support is a great idea.  As with all great ideas, it does need a helping hand to take flight.  If you would like to make contact for help in the Auckland area, please let me know via Bikes Welcome or directly at

Matt has particular experience in Residential Bike Parking having led the charge to implement residential bike parking in Auckland’s SugarTree lane development.  He is also leading in the area of pedestrian and cycle improvements to the wider Victoria Quarter Area of Auckland, see .

Auckland is a big place and we welcome more Aucklanders to become Bikes Welcome Local Champions.



Locking Your Bike

Here’s a handy guide to locking your bike from Matt Cole, Auckland Bikes Welcome Local Champion.

Securing Your e-bike

Do  you take your battery with you when you leave your ebike?  Read Matt Cole’s advice on securing your ebike.

Parking Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes are becoming more popular as a way to put your bike to work carrying groceries, work tools or the family.  Read more about what is needed to accomodate the needs of cargo bike users.

Your local biking scene

Get Involved

Bike Auckland is the non-profit organisation working for people on bikes in Auckland.

Their website is the must-go place for information about Auckland’s progress as a bike-friendly city, including regular updates and news stories about the everyday bike life, info about maps and rides, a calendar of events, and tips about how you can speak up for safer streets and better cycling in your part of town.
Find out more here about getting involved by signing up to get the latest info straight to your inbox, helping out as a volunteer, or becoming a member (which comes with awesome benefits like discounts at bike shops).
You can also connect with Bike Auckland on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
And, on the local level, Auckland has an active network of community bike groups aimed at neighbourhood needs, fun activities, and local action. Check out Bike Auckland’s Bike Burbs page to find – or start – a Bike Burb near you.

Local Awesomeness

Businesses: Links to local businesses supporting everyday cycling by stocking the right gear

Professional Mobile Cycle Repair

Clubs & Groups: Ways to connect with other people who bike.

Auckland Cycle Touring Association

Auckland Central Cycling Club

Auckland MTB Club

Manukau Veterans Cycle Club

Counties Manukau Cycling

Pohutukawa Coast Bike Club

Department of Cycling

Café Cruisers Auckland

Mount Eden / Hot Cycles

More about Bike Parking in Auckland

Bike parking in the District Plan

Bike Parking, with separate requirements for residents/employees and visitors, is included in Auckland’s Unitary Plan.

Event bike parking

AT provide valet bike parking at some of Auckland’s main events. They can loan bike parking to event organisers. This is however dependent on availability on the date required and in most cases would require the event organiser to collect the racks from them and then return after their event. They recommend that the event organizer considers a security guard or other form of monitoring of the bike parking area.

To arrange event bike parking contact Auckland Transport through their website or call centre. Please contact them at least 4 weeks before your event.

Bike parking locations

AT provide a list of public bike parking and bike and gear locker locations on their website.


Bike parking policy

AT have developed a bike parking policy for bike parking in Auckland public spaces.  It is not yet available to the public. (21 March 2018)

The above information was provided by AT in response to an interview or questionnaire about bike parking in Auckland. Please let us know if you think it needs updating.

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