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This information was provided by your council in response to an interview or questionnaire. Please let us know if you think it needs updating.

Bike parking locations

Check out the interactive cycle map for Christchurch and choose to display Cycle Stand Locations – an easy way to see the bike parking locations around town.


Bike parking policy

Per district plan for private developments.  On-street Bike Parking is being installed as part of the rebuild and new street-scaping projects.  The CCC Parking Unit is now tasked with bi-annual cycle parking survey to update information on usage/ condition/ so this on-street/ publically available provision level can be monitored/ information updated on website/ for future planning.  In the June 2018 Long Term Plan a budget for increased public bike parking was proposed.

Bike parking in the District Plan

Bike parking requirements are clearly defined in the district plan.

Event bike parking

CCC can loan bike parking to event organisers and provide bike parking at council run events.

Requesting Bike Parking

Request by phone

Contact the local area traffic operations engineers via the call centre 941 8999


Email the generic Council transport call centre


Requesting bike parking could be initiated by using the Councils website

Mobile App

The Snap Send Solve app works by identifying the location the photo is taken using the phone’s GPS data.

It sends an email to the Council from your email address, including the incident type, notes, address of incident, photo, and contact details.

Find out how to download the app.

Requesting Bike Parking – The Process

Raising a request will initiate a discussion about the requirements.

Council are rolling out bike parking not only over the central city as the rebuild progresses but also alongside many suburban shopping centres with several including pumps and tools.

In order to establish general parking funds council are currently working through identifying local cycle network projects for their Long Term Plan from July 2018 – 2028. There is a likelihood that this process could prioritise some funding for this – the internal draft will be completed by October with the final version post public consultation and Council adoption in June 2018.

Bike Parking Request

Which Council Should Your Request Go to?

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Your local biking scene

Get Involved

Spokes Canterbury are the local cycling group for Christchurch

Their website is: and they are on Facebook.

Local Awesomeness

Links to local businesses supporting everyday cycling by stocking the right gear

Action Bicycle Club.  Christchurch’s premier bike shop for everyday cycling. Urban bikes, electric bikes , cargo bikes, clothing, accessories, bike servicing and bike rental.
Cycle Solutions.  Cycle Solutions designs, supplies and manages Nextbike bike share systems for Christchurch.   They also provide cycle parking and infrastructure and workplace cycling services.

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