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Bikes Welcome works with councils to implement great bike-parking where it is needed.

Good bike parking supports bikes and supports biking.

It helps make biking visible, normal and encouraged.


We can help

We can help your organisation to identify and prioritise bike parking needs.  

We can also help you choose the right kind of bike parking – the type that will be used rather than avoided.

Engage with your bike-users

We assist your residents to let you know where they need bike parking.  That way you can avoid spending money in the wrong locations, or on sub-standard parking.  Engaging with your bike-using community helps you avoid the expense of mistakes, costly siting studies and customer research.

It is easy and free to list your council on the Bikes Welcome website, and it will help you engage the bike-users and businesses in your community.  Check out our examples of current local pages.

Choose good bike parking

We can provide information and resources to help you choose bike parking that will be used and won’t damage bikes.

List your council

Complete our short questionnaire about your bike parking policy and processes.

We will then use that information to create a page for your local area.

Information and Assistance:

Why invest in bike parking?

More cycling means reduced costs for the council.  In Queensland (Australia) they found that the avoided costs of infrastructure provision through a mode shift toward active travel equates to about 5.2 cents per kilometre.  Learn more about the benefits of biking.

What is great bike-parking?

Great bike parking gets used.  Poor bike parking can damage bikes and will be avoided.  Bike parking can also be attractive, artistic and support local identity and branding objectives.  We can help you avoid mistakes and get great results.

Getting great bike parking

Bikes welcome can help you design and implement your bike parking.  We can connect you with reputable suppliers, provide resources, and provide you advice on your requirements.

Making a case for bike parking

We can help you build a business case for your bike parking strategy or project with examples, case studies, and research.

The power of suggestion

Seeing a bike parked outside a business encourages people to try taking short local trips by bike.

It nurtures the idea:

“if someone else can, I could too”.

Why Bike Parking?

Normalising bike use

Bike parking helps build social license for biking by normalising it, helping the public see bike-users as people, not ‘cyclists’.  That way it will be easier to gain public support for your biking projects.

Read more about the Benefits of Bike Parking, plus case studies, examples and research which will help you make a case for bike parking.

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The benefits of biking

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Get in touch

Can we help you? Find out how to keep in touch with Bikes Welcome or ask us a question.

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